Bilateral papilledema - case report

  • Mammadkhanova A.I. National Prime Hospital
  • Galbinur T.P. National Prime Hospital
  • Galbinur A.P. Azerbaijan Medical University
Keywords: papilledema, increased intracranial pressure


This case report presents a detailed analysis of a patient with papilledema, discussing the clinical presentation, diagnostoc evalution, management strategies, and long-term prognosis. Papilledema is characterized by swelling of the optic disc due to increased intracranial pressure, typically associated with various neurologic conditions. The report aims to enhance understanding of papilledema, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and prompt intervention for better patient outcomes.

Author Biographies

Mammadkhanova A.I., National Prime Hospital

MD (Corresponding Author) National Prime Hospital, Baku, Azerbaijan

Galbinur T.P., National Prime Hospital

MD PhD National Prime Hospital, Baku, Azerbaijan

Galbinur A.P., Azerbaijan Medical University

MD Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan

How to Cite
Mammadkhanova A.I., Galbinur T.P. and Galbinur A.P. (2023) “Bilateral papilledema - case report”, Ophthalmology Cases & Hypotheses, 4(2). doi: 10.30546/2788-516X.2023.4.2.1.