• Authors: Aliyeva A.C. MD (Corresponding Author) HAT Medicine Clinic, Baku, Azerbaijan. Hajiyev R.V. MD PhD HAT Medicine Clinic, Baku, Azerbaijan. Published Online: 15 November, 2021. DOI: 10.30546/2788-516X.2021.2.2.5
Keywords: Panuveitis, microbiota, macular edema


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to report an unusual treatment option for panuveitis.

Methods: This study included ophthalmologic examination, optical coherence tomography investigation, laboratory table of inflammatory and infectious diseases, X-ray investigation and review of the relevant literature.

Results: A 53-year-old woman who had been unsuccessfully treated to date with a diagnosis of uveitis came to our clinic. After a complete examination, the patient was diagnosed with bilateral idiopathic panuveitis. We used a sequential combination of systemic antibiotics and dexamethasone as a treatment option. After a week of treatment, the patient had a noticeable clinical improvement, which was stable.

Conclusion: We have assumptions that the dysbiosis of the microbiota of the body, as a result of the interaction between the microbiota and foreign agents, could lead to such a manifestation, for example, as panuveitis. We assume that the antibiotics acted directly on this link in the pathogenesis. In the future, it will be possible to discover new mechanisms that can be used to treat patients with idiopathic uveitis.